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How to Deal With Comparison

Following from my last blog post about comparison, here’s some tips on how to cope when you fall into the comparison trap.

1. Source

What is it that’s making you feel inadequate? Is it coming from you or is it coming from external sources like social media? If it is external, ask yourself how you can let that expectation go.

2. Other factors

Is there something else that’s making you particularly vulnerable at the moment. Perhaps you’ve had a bad nights sleep or your stressed, had an argument recently with a loved one.

Look at the bigger picture to see what’s going on in your life right now.

3. Message

What is this comparison telling you? Are you comparing yourself to someone as they have something you want? What is it they have that you want and what could you do to get that? Could the comparison help guide you to set (healthy) goals?

4. Engage

You now know what your comparison is about so let’s act on it! Take a break from sources of comparison (social media) and reconnect with positive people around you.

Take action if if you’ve noticed they have something you would like.

Kill jealousy by admiring the person and congratulating them on their success.

Most importantly- recognise and rejoice in your uniqueness. Look at what makes you brilliant and celebrate that.

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