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Power of spaces

There has been a lot of talk in the media about working from home and I'm sure you've spoken about it with friends.

For some people it can be hard to have the same work mindset at home, sometimes due to sharing your space with others, distractions you have around you or even just how it can feel more relaxed at home. You may not have an office or work space and sitting on your bed with a laptop can feel comfortable but isn't always the most productive.

Now that we are having to apply social distancing we might start to notice the power of certain spaces such as a work office, the gym. Physically stepping into a place can help us to go into that mode e.g. traveling to work and physically walking to your desk helps put you into "work mode".

The counselling room can also become a significant space. Traveling to a separate place from the rest of your life, the familiar feel of the chair, the smell, sounds, light- all of these sensations become associated with the experience of counselling. When you enter the room it reminds you of previous times in which you have connected to a deeper part of yourself, you've explored emotions and most importantly it has felt safe and free of judgment.

Technology has been fantastic these past few weeks in allowing me to keep sessions going via zoom/ skype. However, sometimes it can be really hard for clients to find a space that is private, much like trying to find a space to concentrate on work.

I usually work from home, my counselling room is a separate building from my house. So you would think that this situation wouldn't be too difficult for me. Unfortunately I have not been able to get internet access in my room (until today!) so I have had to find spaces in my house that are free from distraction and allow me to continue to conduct sessions confidentially. I have been able to find some good spaces but I have noticed how I need the room as much as others may. I have realised the short walk to my therapy room, sitting in my chair and putting my air diffuser on are little routines that put me into counsellor/ work mode and separate me from home life.

So! For the past few weeks I have been trying various methods to get the internet in my room, WiFi boosters, Ethernet cables and finally with a new Ethernet cable today I'm online!

I will now be conducting all my sessions direct from my counselling room. I really hope that the familiar backdrop of my blue walls, air diffuser etc will help transport clients to the familiar feeling of being in their chair in my room.

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