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Blue Monday

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

“Blue Monday”. The third Monday in January was given the title blue Monday in January 2005.

A formulation was produced which apparently calculated this day as the most depressing day due to weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, failing out New Year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling a need to take action.

However, this title was actually a publicity stunt by sky travel! It’s good that organisations such as Samaritans have turned this into a day to spread awareness about mental health difficulties and encouraging others to talk.

This photo was taken by myself this morning, no filters required! The sky was absolutely incredible this morning and sadly I didn’t catch it at its absolute best.

As I was watching the colours it made me think about how the winter months can be such a struggle with the weather, darkness/ shorter days, debt post Christmas... I have benefitted so much by my early morning walks/ runs. It not only makes me feel like I have achieved something I struggle with, it sets me up in a positive mindset for the day and also it makes me love winter again as you don’t get sky’s like this any other time!

I read an article this morning in the telegraph “the nine drug-free ways to boost your frame of mind”.

1. Exercise for 3 hours a week

2. Get the right kind of therapy for you

3. Accept your negative thoughts- then get distracted

4. Wake and light therapy

5. Eat a Mediterranean diet

6. Eat more fermented food

7. Listen to music daily

8. Just get outside

9. Cold water swimming


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