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Looking Beyond the Dust

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

I spent this morning sanding the walls of my therapy room getting ready to paint. It’s crazy the amount of dust that’s been created. As I w

as looking at all this dust it made me think about the phrase “waiting for the dust to settle”. When everything is up in the air sometimes you have wait until things calm down to then make the right decision of which way to go.

As I was looking at the room and all the dust and stuff in the way I was thinking what if I don’t wait for it to settle? What if we can train ourselves to lean into the discomfort of all the mess, breath and visualise beyond the mess? If you wait too long for the perfect opportunity to act, when everything feels more comfortable then you may miss an opportunity or worse, stay stuck in the dust cloud.

This sort of leads me onto thinking about New Years resolutions. I’m not really one to make news years resolutions as I find them to be difficult to stick too. However, I was thinking about goal setting. In the past I’ve always set goals that involve tangible achievements e.g. studying or obtaining something. I’m thinking this year of setting goals that not only are things I want to achieve but then also work towards strengthening my relationships and living an authentic life.

Does this time of year encourage you to think about goals?

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