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Stay connected, express emotions and gain insight through online counselling.

In light of yesterday’s announcement by the prime minister I am continuing to offer counselling sessions online only at present.

Part of me really misses connecting with people in person and understands the difficulties that can arise from counselling online.

Another part of me recognises the amazing work that can be achieved online, sometimes it can allow clients to feel more comfortable when they are in their own space and feel safer to connect to emotions.

I believe there and pros and cons to both online and face to face.

Above all, I want to ensure the safety of all my clients and so I feel it is right to continue to offer counselling online only to help reduce risk of spreading COVID-19.

Throughout this whole process I have been researching best practice and completed training to help support me working online.

Staying up to date with current research and ethical guidelines is at the heart of my practice which is why I will continue to review the way I conduct my therapy sessions online and update clients accordingly.

Recently I created a “working online” document which outlines how a session will be conducted online. I wanted to create this to help reduce any anxiety clients may have to moving online/ for new clients starting to know what to expect.

In the media today there has been a lot of articles around the theme of people being confused by current guidance. I feel as counsellors is so important right now to be clear to our clients about our practice and consistent in our approach. That way we are able to create a safe space for clients to process and understand the anxieties they maybe facing.

Together, with kindness and awareness for each other we can get through this.

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