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The counselling relationship

This week has been a testing week for a lot of people. COVID-19 panic has led to empty shelves in shops, uncertainty of the future, health concerns; all of these have led to an increase in anxiety, especially health anxiety.

I’m currently still offering counselling in Peterborough but keeping up to date with regular government guidance.

It’s been really strange this week moving my chairs apart and working from the other side of the room and moving to Skype however, I’ve really felt the power of the therapeutic relationship! When a therapeutic alliance is built, distance doesn’t matter! I’ve been proud of how adaptive everyone has been!

A therapeutic relationship is like no other, it’s foundations are empathy and a deep understanding of the other. I believe these relationships are so vital right now.

Don’t let this present situation overwhelm you- reach out! Please use my contact form to arrange a first meeting either Skype or in person.

Take care,


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