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Useful resource for coping with anxiety and depression during COVID-19

CPFT have created some amazing videos to help support those struggling with anxiety and depression during COVID-19.

This first episode introduces the series, what to expect from each episode and normalises anxiety that maybe felt during this current time. The series is mainly from a CBT perspective and offers lots of help with managing thoughts and ways to cope with emotions.

I highly recommend watching to the first episode to see whether you feel this series could be helpful.

Please share this with others. The team have worked very hard on this, it’s a fantastic resource.

If you are struggling with strong emotions during this time, counselling can provide a non judgmental space to explore how you are feeling, relieve strong emotions and develop insight into what may be triggering these emotions.

Please contact me via my website if you are interested in learning how counselling could support you. Link in bio.

All episodes so far can be found on their website and YouTube.

Link for the first one:

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